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Supply Chain

We optimize logistic flows

At Valuement we believe that nowadays more than ever, products & services must be delivered on time and in the right conditions if you want the customers to keep being satisfied and as loyal as possible to you.

To help the Client to achieve this goal, the Valuement team of experts can identify bottlenecks along the entire Supply Chain and to optimize logistics flows, transportation costs & warehouse operations.

It is our commitment, to optimize the retail supply chain of each one of our clients, taking care of the many faces of this theme, such as: retail distribution network optimization, retail inventory optimization, inventory damage and shrinkage management; among others.

Impact of digitalization

Increased Percentage of On-Time Delivery

Decreased Percentage of Operations Handled Manually

Better monitoring of supplier quality

Enhanced asset utilization

Reduced transportation cost

Containers full of goods for retail distribution

Supply Chain Optimization

We know from many years of experience in the market, that supply chain optimization in retail is a critical piece to improve any company’s operational efficiency and to push the boundaries of growth. Indeed, this discipline deals with the control and enhancement of operational efficiency in every step of the supply chain. For example, the systematic inventory of products and the strategic management of the different players in the distribution chain.

We can say that Supply chain management is a discipline about awareness and links, one with a clear objective, to create a bridge among the production activities, procurement, and logistic.

Supply Chain Management is divided between supply chain planning system and supply chain execution system.

The first supports companies in generating production forecasts and in developing procurement and production plans; the second enables companies to control and coordinate product routes among the main warehouse and the distribution centers.

SCM system and best practice, when acted on properly, can truly enhance the quality of any product or service.

The average European shrinkage rate + cost of loss prevention initiatives can be estimated at € 49B per year



€ 49B/year

A warehouse full of goods for the retail market

Inventory Shrinkage

Unfortunately, SCM systems have also to deal with how to prevent shrinkage in retail and with how to reduce shrinkage in retail.

In the retail world, shrinkage, or shrink, is the term used to describe a reduction in inventory due to shoplifting; employee theft; administrative errors such as record keeping, pricing, and cash counting; and supplier fraud. But Valuement’s constant desire for improvement does not end there, we also set-up enhanced forecasting and integrated planning processes; we digitalize document flows and we build secure Supplier portals and robust Service Level Agreements with logistics operators.

Finally, we are confident in saying that as for each one of our expertise areas and service lines, we never limit our knowledge to one specific argument and we always look for new integration and synergy possibility among all themes of business.


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