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We help our Retail Client to control, overhaul and automate processes

At Valuement we know that even apparently minor issues occurring in the Purchase-to-Pay process can hurt a company’s long-term performance. That’s why we help our Retail Client to control, overhaul and automate processes – including forecasting, on-shelf availability, and category management – all with minimal lead-time & operational costs.

Implementing Process Automation and improving Category Management is fundamental in the retail supply chain since category sourcing and category strategy directly result in increased revenue when the customers perceive the choice they are provided as relevant and valuable for them.

Consumers look at the different products that pertain to the same category as correlated, as somehow a substitute of each other. This is why product categories should be managed as strategic units aiming at increasing profit and revenues by providing more satisfaction to customers.

We also incorporate transparent buying policy & best practices of Integrated Business Planning, along with aligning inventory management by warehouse and supply constraints.

Comprehensive product range planning can increase profit margins by 8-13%

Diagram to track profit margins

Valuement Group consultant working on Purchase to Pay & Source to Pay systems

P2P & S2P Procurement

We have a deep knowledge of Procurement opportunities and threads and we know that working on the edge of best practices is critical to creating Value, guaranteeing control and minimizing costs.

Indeed, we work with Purchase to Pay & Source to Pay systems that have an impact on all the three above mentioned objectives.

P2P or Procure-to-Pay, also called req to check refers to the business processes that cover activities of requesting, purchasing, receiving, paying for, and accounting for goods and services.

S2P Source to Pay solutions are involved in the entire procurement process: from Spend Management, Strategic Sourcing and Vendor Management to Purchasing, Performance Management and Accounts Payable.

The Source to Pay process flow starts with finding, negotiating with, and contracting the supplier of goods and culminates in the final payment for those goods. Source-to-pay tools are software vital for the smooth functioning of purchasing departments. Indeed. They can enable multiple activities such as Auctions, Spend Analysis, Purchasing Categories Management, Purchase Requisitions, Sourcing Events, Billing and Vendor Relations.

In conclusion we can say that P2P and S2P systems enable companies’ lower procurement managing cost immediately and to track each one of their processes’ phases to understand a wide spectrum of information on which to act strategically:

  • if and where there is any squandering of resource
  • if and where there is some untackled opportunities
  • which goods and services can be found more conveniently and with the lowest level of risk possible

New software tools give companies a new way of setting, optimizing, and enforcing pricing changes within the organization

Graphic whiteboard with an outline for setting, optimizing, and enforcing pricing changes

A Valuement Group consultant analize retail optimization

Retail Optimization

Then, last but not least, our expertise in retail optimization as per assortment and promotion optimization in retail, allows us to offer clients with end-to-end solutions for the optimization of pricing, promotions, markdown, space, and assortment.

But our ultimate goal lays beyond operations optimization, our commitment is to allow clients to fully respond to sales opportunities and aim at shared KPI of better service level.


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