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Store Operations

We help our Clients achieve excellence in building business

At Valuement we know that inefficiencies in Store Operations create significant and lasting impacts on overall performance.

Increased write-off rates, on-shelf availability issues, risks of fraudulent activities, and decreasing customer loyalty are direct results of a poor execution in-store.

That is why we help our clients achieve excellence in building business transparency from demand planning, store assortment, and price management, down to core store processes and organization.

In-Store Optimization Strategy

10–20% store staff time can be saved or assigned to other activities, such as improving customer experience

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In-Store Optimization (ISO), instead, refers to the effort of improving the way operations are carried on, to find the most efficient way to act. This discipline is of paramount importance because it allows companies to increase sources of productivity and income and to get more value from existing resources such as products and associates.

A warehouse worker checks the products stacked in the warehouse

By optimizing in-store activities and product positioning, firms can correlate costs to revenue, increase the average order value, and improve calls-to-action conversions.

On-shelf availability could increase by up to 5%, significantly reducing the volume of lost sales

Drawing of products on shelves in a retail shop

At Valuement we commit to empowering retailers with end-to-end, item-level visibility and real-time analytics, providing complete transparency of in-store business across the retailer’s organization. The Knowledge sourced throughout the whole supply chain enables management to optimize store and shelf availability of merchandise, resulting in sales that were previously lost to stock-outs.

In-Store Optimization (ISO) is transforming the way retailers look at their physical stores. We are extremely serious when we talk about ISO best practice, we have always been pushing our boundaries and we will always keep improving ourselves as well as the client’s Store operation strategy.

Thanks to our sharp insights in the industry combined with analysis technology we can provide clear benefits for each stakeholder:

  • For the Marketing Department, the focus is on ensuring that their efforts attract good quality traffic to the store
  • For Store Operations, the goal is to increase in-store conversions
  • For the Retail Department, the goal is to maximize store profits

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