Your Digital Platform to Reveal Unsuspected Value

Corporate finance teams use strategic but dispersed transactional data. This data are everywhere in a complex set of systems ranging from massive ERP systems to personal tools with spreadsheets. Having a solution to analyze this data intelligently to bring out savings, revenue streams or evidence of optimizations has become a major challenge. This is why every company needs Reveal.

A new context which increases the need to rely on reliable financial data

Our Accounts Payable and Procure-to-Pay intelligent platform reduces your payment risk and returns capital to the bottom line by providing a broad range of financial analyses, including:

  • Non-quality of the vendor and product masters
  • Detection of excessive billing
  • Management of supplier spending trends
  • Fraud detection
  • Identification of payment and VAT errors
  • IBAN Check
Benefits of consolidated data



Strenghten account payable process control

Global Vision

Have a 360° view of all your activities, your vendor transactions and not miss anything


Be autonomous for all account payable audit and analyses


Optimize your cashflow by avoiding errors in your transactions

Instantaneaous Reaction

React in real time thanks to the accuracy and the completeness of the information


Our Technology

Our SDS (Smart Detection System) is the outcome of more than 5 years of continuous development and improvement, based on experiences and real cases.

The 3 Steps of our Solution

Import & Settings – Analyze – Results

Upload & Settings

Upload and qualification of financial transactions and supplier data and choice of settings to suit your context and your needs.


Run and manage your analysis


View the results and download the report with the details of the detected issues.

Your Benefits

Financial savings

Our analysis show you precisely in reports the transactions and recoverable amounts or savings. You win without delay.

Time saving

Thanks to a start-up in a few hours, you can operate immediately and replace your previous long and complex inspection operations

Process optimization

With the issues detected and reported in results, you easily understand the causes of malfunctions and therefore the improvements to be made.

Our business model

Our offer adapts to all industries, all sizes of business and any budgets.
Pay according to the number of transactions analyzed and the level of precision you want.

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What happens during the demo:

  • The Reveal platform presented in no longer than 15 minutes
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