Operational Efficiency

We enable our Clients to achieve higher profit margins

To reach operational efficiency, we identify the resources that contribute the most to our clients’ success. We optimize the company’s operating models, core business processes, and headcount to leverage their value and always ensure their best performance.

We enable our clients to achieve higher profit margins and respond to ever-changing market forces while cost-effectively maintaining their quality standards. We assist our Clients on critical themes like retail business process optimization, inventory shrinkage, category management, franchise relationship management, profit recovery, and pricing optimization in retail.

Profit Recovery

In the retail industry Fraud generated losses up to 1,58% of companies’ revenues; The management of Master Data costs for the companies $500/year/supplier; Accounts Payable may cause many and varies errors that make companies lose a lot of money…

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At Valuement we know that considering the vast number of parties involved in the procure-to-pay process, making sure that they all deliver all the commercial terms and prices negotiated during the ongoing purchasing process, becomes a fundamental task causing inevitable in-accuracies reflected in the payment processor in the right application of commercial conditions. Errors can be due to retro discounts, accounts payable mistakes, purchasing prices, later incomes, logistic discounts, absence of payments, or overpayments.

The mission of profit recovery projects and profit recovery solutions is to identify these inefficiencies and recover the overpayments done for consequence.

Indeed, Profit recovery involves a careful appraisal of the Accounts Payable and Expense Payable files on a contingency basis. The files under review usually are vendor payments, contracts, leases, freight bills, purchase orders, master terms, and all related computer records.

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Profit Recovery audit companies like Valuement which are specialized in recovery audits in the retail industry create a recovery audit process to provide claim detail and pursue collection from the vendors with the cooperation of the client. A category breakdown of the claims is provided at the end of the audit.

The process optimization we foster and the retail optimization techniques we put in place have a strong impact on reducing indirect administrative and other “back office” operational expenses. We can proudly say that our industry expertise, purchasing leverage, and time-tested methodologies produce efficient, lean cost structures.

At Valuement we commit to helping businesses in identifying and recovering overpayments and under-deductions, to enhance profitability and improve financial controls.

Our team of experts and recovery audit specialists uses sophisticated proprietary software and an experienced, strongly-incented auditor workforce to perform audits both domestically and abroad for a variety of clients as general retailers, grocery chains, utilities, and hospitals.

1€ recovered every 1.000€ analyzed

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Optimization solutions for retail

We have a strong reputation for our optimization solutions for retail, for our superior client service, for our high ethical standards, and for the ability to deliver maximum profit recovery with minimum interruptions. Our recovery audit program is an in-depth, comprehensive review of all of your Accounts Payable. We delve deeper into your data than any other profit recovery firm.

Process Optimization & Retail Optimization

At Valuement we have a proven track record in increasing client’s profits and strengthen client’s brands with the application of Retail Optimization techniques.

Choose to be able to synchronize sourcing from manufacturing to store merchandising and to boost inventory performance with precise, flexible top-down, bottom-up, and middle-out planning that integrates forecasting, merchandise, and assortment planning, allocation, and replenishment. Choose to automate and schedule merchandise management efficiently, handle hundreds of thousands of omnichannel combinations, and optimize down to the most granular item/store/day level of detail.

Smart companies that know how to approach retail optimization can create plans that boost sales, increase margins, and cut inventory costs.

Price Optimization in Retail

Retail Price Optimization Models are complex algorithms designed to evaluate the change of demand at various price levels and match the results with the data on costs and inventory levels to craft optimal prices and maximize profits.

To maximize the KPI of choice on a portfolio level, be it volume, revenue, or profit, the retailer needs optimization models that factor in both the elasticity of the product and its cross-elasticity with related products. An elaborate equation combines all of these coefficients and provides a solution of optimal prices across the retailer’s portfolio.

With such an optimization model, the retailer implements the so-called ‘differentiated’ pricing recommendations across selected products to predict and maximize the portfolio target of choice – volume, revenue, or profit – for each SKU.

Benefits of Price Optimization in Retail:

  1. See ROI Immediately
  2. Forecast Your Customer’s Behavior
  3. Automate Your Operations
  4. React to Market Changes Faster


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