Supply chain

The best way to produce value is in the form of products & services that the ultimate consumer loves and stays loyal to. To help you achieve this goal, we identify bottlenecks along the entire Supply Chain and optimize logistic flows, transportation costs & warehouse operations. We also set-up improved forecasting & integrated planning processes, as well as build secure Supplier portals & robust Service Level Agreements with logistic operators.

Operational Efficiency

In order to attain operational efficiency, we leverage the resources that contribute most to our Clients’ success. We optimize the company’s operating model, core business processes, and headcount to always get their best value. We enable our Clients to ensure higher profit margins & respond to continually changing market forces, while maintaining the highest quality in a cost-effective manner.

Report and Performance Improvement

Integrity in Reporting & Performance management system is a cornerstone of business transparency maintenance. We focus on both decision support and motivational aspects, while developing KPI systems and taking them to the new level. We use advanced performance monitoring tools and software to make sure we achieve the highest results for our Clients.

Risk Management

Efficient Risk Management is obligatory for the Company to manage fraud risks, run business in a transparent manner, and better represent itself in the eyes of employees & business partners. Our expertise includes – but is not limited to – write-offs & losses analysis, supplier rating, warehouse & store fraud prevention, compliance audit, and payment analytics.

Change Management

Project and Change Management is a critical part of any company that is dealing with transition or transformation in terms of goals, organization, processes or technologies. We bring a systematic approach to planning and implementing effective change while controlling and ensuring that the operational model adapts to it.