We create and disclose value for our clients by empowering their data to improve their processes and to create new forms of sustained competitive advantages. We do so, by applying the sharpness of the human mind and the most advanced technologies to the constant stream of data the market generates.


Valuement is an International consulting company

We provide data-driven insights to upgrade strategy and operating models.

For over ten years we’ve been providing a wide range of auditing & consulting services to top-tier retail organizations in up to twenty countries worldwide, resulting in Millions of Euros of concrete benefits recovered for our clients.

We are a fast-paced growing company attracting, developing and incorporating the best talents to provide our clients with a result-oriented team and with unrivalled natural focus on their needs.

Indeed, by merging together a deep knowledge of the retail industry dynamics, with business consulting competences and data science we can support and guide our clients in their search and implementation of new and long-term forms of competitiveness.

Our determination and perseverance set us apart and give us the ability to cope with the unexpected.
Our single most important commitment to our clients: always being there for them.
We recognize and understand the needs of our teams and clients, we go out to meet them.
Our capacity to reconfigure our business concepts to any situation, need or organization.

Value driven approach and growth efficiency

ADDed VALUE Continuous ImproveMENT

Valuement is driven by a strong work-ethic and a well-defined philosophy.

We commit to always deliver the most suitable response to clients’ needs and to always keep improving the quality of our outputs for clients, as well as the quality of our entire Service Line.

Thanks to this philosophy and our proven track record, more than 100 C-level executives trust Valuement as a stable partnership.

We divided our offering into two main areas: Auditing & Consulting. One for appraisal and search on best practices and policies, the other to improve and add real value while ensuring constant support in the process management.

But our core value offering goes far beyond the boundaries of one Service Line. Our expertise in profit recovery strategies and our dedication in optimising companies’ operating models, core business processes and human resources practices enables our Clients to achieve higher profit margins and respond efficiently to the changing market forces.

From problem to Competitive Advantage.

A problem can be the springboard for conquering new frontiers, that’s what we demonstrated along our Business experience.

Indeed, many companies came to us with an issue to then discover they could do more than just fix it. They could build on that. Like no-one was doing.

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Webinar Valuement Italia 24/11
🇮🇹 For Italian speakers only! 📢 Vi aspettiamo numerosi martedì 24 novembre alle 11:00 per partecipare al Webinar a cura di Dario Nisoli e Gianni Cassano! Parleremo dei principali fattori di rischio, delle conseguenze di errori nel processo di acquisizione e pagamento di beni e servizi e delle soluzioni associate ai 5 errori più comuni. ISCRIVITI:
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Interviews’ simulations by HR Valuement Italia
This week our Valuement Italia HR colleagues were the protagonists of one-to-one interviews’ simulations to students organised by Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. Click to read their impressions.
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Webinar con DocFinance
Qualora non aveste partecipato al Webinar "La gestione e il controllo della tesoreria nella Grande Distribuzione" a cura di Valuement Italia e DocFinance Srl, cliccate sotto per accedere al replay!
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Training Point Digital Career Week 2020
Emanuela Demetrio and Miriana Rongioletti from the HR Department of Valuement Italia are taking part in the Training Point Digital Career Week 2020 organised by Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. More particularly, they will have 20 minutes one-to-one interviews’ simulations with 10 students each!
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CIO Enterprise Summit
On Thursday, Anthony Seifert, Valuement CIO & Alliance Manager will be the moderator of two conferences of the Paris CIO Enterprise Summit organised by ERTL YANG. The first one starts at 9.15am and is called "Build an ecosystem & overcoming obstacles to achieve true digital transformation that goes beyond optimization needs for enterprise" and the 4pm conference will focus on "Cybersecurity and digital Resilience". What an achievement to moderate these two conferences composed with executives from multinational companies! Congratulations Anthony! For the participation to this event Valuement assures that the various public authorities announcements on the health situation in France will be respected.
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