We Welcome Valuement France

Since Valuement Group was founded in 2014, we took our international improvement challenge as one of our top priorities and have not paused ever since.

After opening Italy, Romania and Russia within the same year, Valuement teams have been working hard on creating a strong group able to deliver innovative solutions to meet the needs of retail companies and to build partnerships around them. 

Today, Valuement is the undisputed market leader for its relevant sectors in Italy, Romania and Russia.

Our international strategy is based on two axes. The first one is to be open to opportunities, smart and flexible in serving our international clients in a timely and efficient manner wherever needed. 

Our second axis, the strategic axis, is based on a continuously planned international growth to markets where we can meet the need for innovative solutions of retail companies. 

In regards to our second axis, not long ago we promised to soon be present in 4 countries.…. and we did keep our promise!

Today we mark the start of a new challenge! We introduce the Valuement brand to the French market and pledge to work hard, take things one day at a time and be the leader in this market as well.


Please welcome Valuement France!