Since the foundation of Valuement five years ago, international growth has been one of our top priorities and we have been moving forward ever since.


After opening offices in Italy, Russia and Romania in 2014, France in 2016, Middle East in 2017 and Poland in 2018, we are pleased to announce the opening of Valuement Nordic, based in Copenhagen and covering Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Valuement Nordic is managed by Søren Vadmand, a local expert in retail industry. Let's meet him in the video below. Since 2014, Valuement teams have been working hard on creating a strong group that is able to deliver innovative solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Today we are proud of our 140 employees and in 2019 we expect to continue hiring.

Our international strategy is based on two axes: The first is to serve our international clients in a timely and efficient manner wherever needed. The second is to create innovative solutions for retail companies.


And here we are… Five years later with a presence in seven countries worldwide and a lot of projects for the future


Happy anniversary Valuement and welcome to the North of Europe!

May 10, 2019