Receivables Risk Management

The optimal way to manage your receivables is to actually not create the receivables in the first place. 

While this is impossible in every thinkable way, what we can do for our Clients is to reduce their exposure to potential defaults or litigations with third party vendors through a solid management of the risk of receivables portfolios.

Our objective is to find a common bridge between you and your debtors in order to amicably settle any existing litigation. We have defined a new methodology which pivots around the skills of our experts and deep commercial understanding. Our analysis is based on measures to anticipate risks concerning aged receivables while our approach cuts leaked revenues and balances your relation with suppliers.



Our Receivables Risk Management is not limited to a simple recovery of debtor portfolios. We have designed and are ready to implement a specific aged receivables portfolio analysis in order to recreate and assess the historical context which led to each distinct case. This is achieved thanks to the synergies created with our Profit Recovery Service Line. 


  • A dedicated and seasoned team which understands the business reasons behind each case.
  • Recovery Process Management (RPM).
  • The recovery process is strategized based on the composition and nature of the receivables. 
  • Reconstruction and recalculation of the receivables in cooperation with our Profit Recovery Service Line. 
  • Management of all discussions, requests and analysis on the topic, while always focusing on a win-win approach.
  • Vendor background checks.