Profit recovery

The purchasing process has its share of grey zones which are partially or fully covered by internal processes and periodic audits and controls. The complexity of the purchasing cycle demands that companies continuously invest resources in order to reduce the associated risks of leakage. These are not completely avoidable, however.

Balancing costs and benefits at different stages of the procurement process has been and remains one of the main resource consuming activity for companies. Valuement works towards enforcing your balance and offers its expertise in Profit Recovery while improving your performance in the purchasing process and reducing the risks and financial impact of grey zones.


Performance is improved by:

  • Analyzing risk areas starting from our knowledge and adapting it to your organization.
  • Highlighting failures and evaluating their impact over the business. Precise and detailed quantification of leaked revenues or overcharges.
  • Setting up a recovery process of your leaked revenues. 
  • Generating performance reports.

Although our Profit Recovery Service Line has passed the test of time, we make sure to adapt it to your exact procurement ecosystem.


  • Full transparency in the purchasing process.
  • Improved short-term cash flows and financial results.
  • Maximized margins.
  • Increased competitiveness.