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Profit recovery

Valuement works towards enforcing your balance and offers its expertise in Profit Recovery while improving your performance in the purchasing process and reducing the risks and financial impact of grey zones.

With a Full transparency in the purchasing process we improve short-term cash flows and financial results and you will maximize margins.


Profit Recovery

Receivables Risk Management

Thanks to synergies with Porift Recovery service line, we implement a specific aged receivables portfolio analysis to assess each case and help you to improve cashflow.

Credit recovery Valuement

Process consulting

Our approach is a systematic methodology and philosophy based on a complete vision over the business process to making it more effective, more efficient and laying the platform for continuous improvement.

Business consulting


Often combined with BPM activities, we take the responsibility of certain control functions, in order to optimize processes and reduce time consuming with a continuous improvement approach.

Outsourcing activities

Case studies


Customer is one of the main European retailer and leader in Europe. In order to improve performance to be more competitive, customer would to reengineering the riconciliation account process. Target Facilitate and optimize the reconciliation process having a more efficient process Reduce management...

Account reconciliation reducing time



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Edito 2017

Valuement owes its existence thanks its customers and the trust they place in us. But Valuement also lives and grows thanks to its employees and today, I would like to thank them for this wonderful year 2016, so rich in development and satisfactions, with as first the opening of our business in France but also in Middle East. There were only a...